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All You Ever Wanted to Know about

The Persian Cat Room Guardian

An Artist's Account

Persian Cat Sales

All current persian cats are casted in resin using a mold from the original cat featured in the meme. I regularly auction them off on eBay and occasionally sell them in batches. If you want announcements and news regarding the persian cats as well as all my room guardians, you can join my email list.


History of the Persian Cat

For those that do not know, the Persian Cat Room Guardian was used in a popular reaction meme that went viral early 2016. The image was used without my permission or credit but succeeded in giving me plenty of interest from fans interested the whereabouts of its origins. The full history of its origin as a meme can be read here.  

The room guardian unattached to its internet fame was from an early generation of room guardians, as you might be able to tell from it's smooth lacking of detail face, or the real rabbit fur instead of faux fur. It was listed for sale on my etsy shop for a long time before I decided to give it to my sister's friend as a birthday present. It wasn't one of my favorite room guardians at the time, so it was not a huge loss to me. Little did I know 3 years later, it would be such a hot item on the internet. 

After it's peak of fame, I had many people ask about buying an exact copy of the famous persian cat room guardian. I rejected the concept in the early months and even auctioned off a new and improved version, but warmed up the concept of exact copies later in the year when I borrowed the original temporarily from its owner. I took a mold of the original face sculpt and made resin copies.

 If I could mass produce the cat, I would have been able to profit off it much more than I did. Since I never had any problem selling any of my room guardians, I didn't need anymore demand for a product, I needed more product. 

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