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My name is Anya Boz and I am a Brooklyn based artist. Though I love working with many mediums, my predominant and most popular art form is my posable art dolls called room guardians. 


I made my first room guardian in 2011, and I opened my etsy shop in early 2012. I worked at a bakery and made room guardians on the side, but by the spring of 2014, my room guardians had grown enough that my day job was becoming more of a side job. That is when I decided to go full time into making room guardians as my sole business. I never expected my room guardians to grow so popular, and to this day I feel so thankful and lucky to have gotten this far. 

My work explores blending the physical with the spiritual. I love mixing the familiarity of real animals with the uncanniness of human hands or strange proportions. Creatures that command you to question their true nature. Are they simply strange creatures or intelligent spirits? 

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