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Heart Flame Diki Spirit Room Guardian

Heart Flame Diki Spirit Room Guardian


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A Diki Spirit is the form the soul of a creature takes after death or enlightenment. They close their eyes to the physical world and use their diki eye to see the netherworld.


The Heart Flame Diki Spirit has a pyrite crystal heart and sits at 11.5 inches tall. It features fluorescent colors that glow under a black light. The fur along the back of the neck and tail was made from dozens of strips of meticulously layered furs and feathers to achieve the dynamic color and luxurious texture. Every color change in the fur along the front of the body was quilted together by hand. The neck and tail have a fully posable ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time. The arms have a wire armature that bends at the shoulder and elbow. The wrists and ears are ball jointed and can pivot on their sockets. The head, ears, and arms are all cast in durable resin. The paws are individually sculpted from slightly flexible clay. 

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