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Crocus Dorra Room Guardian

Crocus Dorra Room Guardian


At the cusp of winter, before the patchwork snow bids its farewell, a rare dorra can be found rooting up the bulbs of the first blooms of spring. The delicate violet of these flower petals is flawlessly replicated in the feathery tendrils extending from the dorra’s thick mane, hence why it was named the Crocus Dorra.


This dorra has a citrine crystal heart. It stands about nine inches tall and the mane is comprised of ostrich feathers and faux fur that were sewn together layer by layer. The head, legs, and ears were cast in resin so they are very durable. Its neck and legs have a fully poseable ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time and the tail has a posable wire inside. The ears are connected with a ball joint and can swivel and turn in any direction.


It may look intimidating with its mouth full of teeth and empty glowing eyes, but Dorras are not highly aggressive. Their tusks are mainly used for rooting and foraging. Their long snouts give them an incredible sense of smell. Often before they are spotted with the eye, their position is given away by their obnoxious snuffling noises. They mainly scavenge and forage for food, and sniff out the dead that have been buried to lead their soul to the next world.

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