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Commissions are Open! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!

For all of you that do not know, I take my commissions lottery style. That means once you've submitted your commission request, it's all up to fate and a little luck to determine who will receive a slot for a custom guardian. There is no race involved as long as you submit your request before the deadline. You must have your requests submitted by 12:00pm Central Wednesday May 10th. You will know if you have received a commission slot by the end of the day. I will be taking 6 commission slots. I would take more, but this season is super busy for me. A slot is good for only one room guardian. You can get multiple quotes, but you can only choose one room guardian for me to create. You are also limited to one request. Please do not give me multiple requests, we want to make this as fair as possible! Keep in mind that giving me an open-ended commission where I have some freedom on the design will make the job more enjoyable for me, more exciting for you and you tend to get a little more for your money.

The Summer months are going to be very busy for me especially late June and all July. I will be on a long road trip and a family trip after that. I will try to get as many commissions finished before that as possible, but I might not be able to do all of them especially if I'm taking payments over time. I will make sure to keep everyone who wins a slot updated on my schedule.


I accept credit cards, PayPal, and checks by mail. You do not have to have all the money when we place the order. We can reserve the order and you can pay later when you have the money. Of course I prefer to have you pay in full and not in installments. But I understand that not everyone has $400+ cash to spend at will, so if you need to wait to save up all the money I will need a down payment of 25% in two weeks by May 24th. The rest we can work out based on your needs.

What you need to do

Please follow these few steps in order to keep everything as simple and painless as possible.

1. Please READ MY FAQ just to ensure you understand some of the technicalities that go into making a room guardian, and what I can and can’t do. 2. GET A QUOTE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A COMMISSION REQUEST so you know if your design is possible for me or not, and so the price is not a surprise for you when you commission me. You can message me over DA, email, FB, whatever suits your fancy and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you got a quote from me before commissions opened, I ask that you get a quote again because prices may have changed! 3. When I have responded to your quote, EMAIL ME AT with your request. What you should include in your message: 1. Write in the Subject bar "2017 Spring Commission Request" 2. Tell me the name/username/email that you used to get your quote. 2. Copy and paste the quote I gave you, and attach whatever reference images you provided if any.

That pretty much sums it up! Now you have until Wednesday to get your quotes and submit your requests! Good luck!

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