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Void No. 7 (The Soil)

Void No. 7 (The Soil)


Voids are faceless creatures of mysterious origin. A low drumming buzz can be heard if you venture near a one in the wild. This sound indicates that you are entering a new time space occupied by the void. Stare into the void, and the void will determine your fate.


Void No. 7 has a lepidolite crystal heart. It's face is hollow and lined with black velvet to achieve the blackest black effect. The mushrooms are handsculpted out of a glow in the dark plastic. They are flexible and durable and will return to their positions when they are bent and bounced. The ears, face, and legs were cast in resin so they are also very durable. Although the mane looks like one piece of fur, the unique texture was achieved by sewing different types of white fur in individual layers on a fabric backing. The neck and forelegs have a fully posable plastic ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time. The tail has a posable wire inside and the back legs can bend only slightly at the hocks. The spine and thighs do not bend. The ears are attached with a ball and socket joint so they can pivot in every direction.

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