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Spice Shukat Room Guardian

Spice Shukat Room Guardian


The Spice Shukat has a rose quartz crystal heart. It stands about 10 inches tall and it has a coat of high quality faux fur that is very soft. The head and feet are cast in resin from an original sculpt. The hands are sculpted out of a flexible clay that does not break when bent. The neck, legs, and tail have a fully posable plastic ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time. The arms have a posable wire armature inside. 


Room Guardians are handmade creatures that watch over your room and protect your space from negative spirits and energies. They each have a different crystal heart, so there are no two alike. The resin pieces are all cast from an original sculpt that is then hand painted and sealed. The faux fur is hand sewn onto a sculpted armature that is solid, not plush. They have weighted bottoms and varying ranges of posability. You can easily pose them and set them on dressers and shelves to keep an eye over your space. Room guardians have a lot of personality and they love having a home to watch over.

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