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Fiddlegrim Room Guardian

Fiddlegrim Room Guardian


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The Fiddlegrim idea was born out of art block. The face is made from a squished ball of clay to see how creative I could get with it. No two fiddlegrims are the same. They are a bizarre species that follows no laws save for a face that is made from a formless ball.


This Fiddlegrim has an amethyst heart. It stands about 13" tall and has a coat of high quality faux fur. The neck is individually layered fur, feathers, and iridescent fibers. It's face is polymer clay and it's ears and feet are cast in resin for durability. The horns are sculpted from durable thermal plastic and the hands are sculpted with a flexible clay that will not break when bent. The neck, legs, and tail have a fully posable plastic ball and socket armature inside that will not wear out over time. The ears are connected at a ball joint that can swivel in every direction. The arms have a wire armature. They are also fully posable but should be bent with a little more care.

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