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Blue Mononoke Room Guardian

Blue Mononoke Room Guardian


Contact me to set up a payment plan that works for you. 


The Blue Mononoke is larger than any other room guardian at 21" long and is the first to feature a hollow ribcage and LED lights that illuminate it from within. The switch is hidden in the mane on the back of its neck and the fur can unclip to change out the battery. 


It has a clear quartz crystal heart and a coat of high quality faux fur that was meticulously layered to create its realistic mane. The skeleton is completely posable. The neck, ears, arms, spine, legs, and tail are built on a plastic ball and socket armature that will not wear out over time. The wrists and ankles are hinged so they can easily bend back and forth. All the sculpted parts, including the ribs were cast in resin so they are very durable and the horns are sculpted from a flexible thermal plastic that will not break when battered. The mononoke is built to "float", meaning the feet do not fully open to allow it to stand on its feet. It comes with a handmade black velvet stand where it hangs from its armpits. The stand can disassemble for storage and the top comes out so it can also be hung on the wall. 

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